Lifelong Distance Learning

November 7, 2023

Distance learning first started when schools offered distance learning correspondence programs as far back as the 1700s. Students would submit course work via postal mail. Distance learning grew with radio & television broadcasts and opened the door for learning by  school and non-school students. Lifelong learning programs have been popular since the early 1960s.

The internet rapidly transformed distance learning into a phenomenon that benefits all of us to be lifelong learners.  Used by many libraries and universities, lifelong distance learning ensures life enrichment opportunities to benefit seniors, senior communities and caregivers. 

Cost Splitting

A big part of life enrichment at senior communities is hiring various types of entertainment & speakers.  Entertainment is not inexpensive. Lifelong distance learning is extremely beneficial to senior communities for spreading the costs of wonderful entertainment that is not available in-person. Cultural History Clubs schedules zoom sessions for senior communities with exciting Museums around the U.S.


Lifelong distance learning is also valuable to senior communities for networking Cultural History Clubs which means developing exciting relationships and opportunities for all seniors. 

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