Cultural History Clubs

November 10, 2023

Let’s celebrate America’s cultural history. From events, biographies, inventions, and trends in fashion, architecture, travel, collectibles to pop culture and much more, America’s cultural history ranks amongst the most influential in all the world. 

Seniors love history. Using stories from the 20th century and later, Cultural History Club volunteer facilitators enrich & engage seniors about America’s wonderful cultural history that draws upon the  life experiences of seniors. 

Cultural history is alive and well at your fingertips. Cultural History Clubs are a catalyst for seniors, senior group leaders and caregivers to use technology with seniors to resourcefully explore America’s cultural history.

Cultural history is not only important to seniors; exploring cultural history with seniors is a great way for senior group leaders and caregivers to bridge generation gaps, and help seniors to explore cultural history via technology and other resources.

Cultural history is an exciting and resourceful way to fulfill life enrichment for seniors, senior communities and caregivers.  

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Lifelong distance learning & life enrichment……..  

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Cultural History Clubs